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Frequently Asked Questions

What best describes Baja Point?

Baja Point is a Luxury Private Residence Development consisting of 32 spacious, luxuriously appointed ocean front residences. It is located in a private cove between the El Dorado Golf Course and The Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas & Spa.

Why was the Private Residence (PRC) concept created?

The PRC was created to provide the benefits of owning a second home with the services and amenities of a luxury resort. Though this form of Ownership provides more services and amenities, the financial commitment and property management concerns are significantly reduced.

Is Baja Point a timeshare development?

No. A PRC or fractional has considerably more flexibility as it concerns broader access to use - not limited to use during specific time slots – and owners can stay in different residences. Additionally, Private Residence Ownership is deeded ownership no different than owning your own home. Timeshares in Mexico are not deeded and have expiration on the years of ownership. Timeshare owners do not control their ownership and the Homeowners Association as they do at Baja Point.

Have Private Residences become popular elsewhere?

Yes. Private Residences are the fastest growing form of luxury second home ownership. Discerning owners have embraced the concept with tremendous enthusiasm, choosing Aspen, Deer Valley, Vail, Cabo San Lucas, the Caribbean and Europe as preferred destinations.

What services can owners expect?

Baja Point offers a level of service similar to that enjoyed at five star hotels - concierge, valet, daily housekeeping, room service and fully equipped gym. The concierge can arrange fishing trips, book tee times and spa appointments or schedule a private chef.

Is a fractional ownership at Baja Point a real estate interest?

Yes. You have a deeded real estate interest in a specific residence.

Do I purchase an ownership in a specific residence?

Yes. However, in order to provide the mostflexibility, Baja Point owners have equal access to all residencesmatching the ownership share they purchased.